Meet Pamela

Dad at 26

Bio: My story started two days after my 13th birthday, when my father (at age 35) passed away from brain cancer. This major life event led me on a personal journey of helping others in need of love and care. I spent over the next 20 years in the medical industry, from EMT to imaging technician to consultant for doctors themselves. Eventually, I realized how much I wanted to be even more hands on. I took everything I had learned over the years and combined it all to be a one stop shop for helping others homeopathically, regain a pain-free life. As a certified reflexologist, human & animal aromatherapist and former National Level Bodybuilder, my goal is to help as many people as I can achieve a pain-free lifestyle using all-natural remedies. When we are open to knowing more about the cause of our physical limitations, we can then treat it more precisely. Everything I do is in conjunction with any current doctor diagnosis and will only help your healing process quicker by going the all-natural route.

My love for animals & the amazing little companion I have been blessed with for the last 17.5 years has made me turn to holistic support for my animals as well. Due to my personal need to make them comfortable, support their health naturally & make them happy, I searched out courses on animal aromatherapy. I found a certification course given by Nayana Morag trained by Carolyn Ingraham founder of Applied Zoopharmacognosy.

Who this is not for:

– Those who do not at least want to TRY natural homeopathic solutions.

– Anyone who wants to rely on prescription medicine as their only option

– People who enjoy long wait times in doctors offices, just to be told to take this and come back if it gets worse.

What I do: Schedule your discounted consultation to simply try my services. As an example, you could be any three of these options to gain massive benefits from what I offer.

(a.) an athlete

(b.) a lifestyle individual (

c.) have health issues

Before I even start treatment, I want to know more about you and your situation, so take some time out of your busy day and give me a call for your FREE Phone Consultation – I will be able to then give you an overview of what sort of treatment I will recommend… some examples of previous clients have been:

(a.) Athlete/body builder, I have constant knee pain while working out and performing, how can your services help me? – Beginning with an FMT assessment, I can then apply and use Rock Tape to help aide your physical demands of working out and performing – Perform a Zyto Scan to determine what is potentially off in your body – Give you specific Essential Oils in conjunction with Reflexology to adjust your levels to a proper, healthy amount per your scan results

(b.) Individual interested in learning more about Essential Oils since they are all the rage right now, but I would rather have someone assess me and recommend the right oils for me, since I am not the most in tune with my body. – Perfect, we will start with a Zyto Scan (which is painless and checks your body’s system and levels to see if anything is too high or too low.) – With the scan results, we then determine what oils your body needs and use them with Foot Reflexology in order to get into your body precise and targeted. – Afterwards, I will recommend a treatment plan for you to continue using the oils/tea and to come back for more Reflexology over the next few weeks to see how you feel!

(c.) I have been dealing with chronic back pain for over a year now and nothing seems to help. I am curious how you can help me homeopathically since I am tired of relying on pain meds to just mask the pain, instead of fixing the cause… – Thank you for reaching out, chronic pain is no joke, and is typically a result of too much inflammation in the body…So let’s start with a Zyto Scan to see what might be off in your system – From there, we can add the proper Essential Oils into your routine so that we can offset the inflammation – In conjunction with Foot Reflexology, you will find some relief immediately – Depending on how quick you would like to be pain-free, we can set up a reoccurring treatment plan for you to come see me (typically once a week for 4 weeks).

d.) In home consultation for your animal. A health history/ behavioral form will need to be completed before the visit. I will collaborate with your veterinarian & send updated information on the issues being supported holistically as well. I also offer workshops for animal clinics & their guardian clients. Please contact me and let’s make sure your pets are safe & can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy & holistic options to support their health and happiness.